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Take a Workshop: We are proud to offer space for community workshops, both of the movement variety and not.

Rent The Room: The Move Room is more co-working space than traditional studio. If you have a dream or an idea, we have the space.


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Maureen has been an RMT since 2005 and started teaching Pilates in 2018. She started out looking for ways to provide her massage clients with opportunities to connect with their own bodies in a more meaningful way. Her teaching practice has quickly evolved into a neurologically-focused movement re-training, where students get a chance to strengthen the pathways between the brain and the various muscles in the body. It’s all about calling upon the right structure to do the work, and helping to prevent pain and injury in the process! 


Meet Some of the Folks Who Keep the Room Moving

Rachel’s movement practice is rooted in cultivating resilience in body + mind through progressive challenge. Using a blend of yoga, pilates, and dance aerobics, her goal is to create accessible classes where people can find joy and strength in their bodies. Rachel seeks to find a place where curiosity and playfulness can coexist with radical compassion, thoughtful language, and wild kindness. In general, they believes mindful movement practices can help us reclaim agency over our bodies, tap into our intuition, and smash the patriarchy.


Jo Gale (she/her) believes that anyone can find a joyful movement practice. In a society that uses exercise as a means to "fix" the body, she believes folks should want to move to FEEL their body. Her classes are a playful blend of Pilates, Somatics and Dance Aerobics, which encourage you to move from where you are at, honouring rest and modification as a deeper connection. Through her 9 year journey as a facilitator in the fitness industry, she leads with passion and care, hoping to empower folks to know that STRONG IS NOT A LOOK.


Stephanie began to practice yoga in February of 2015. After 2 years on her mat, she looked to strengthen her personal practice, completing a 200-hour teacher training program at Anjeli Teacher Training with Diana Lockett and Daniel Horgan. Stephanie loves to teach from the heart, guiding in a way that offers both support and encouragement to all students. In Stephanie’s classes you can expect to feel safe, to move at the pace of your breath, to laugh (or cry), to listen to your heart and feel connected to your body, all within the corners of your mat. 

Stephanie WEILER

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Andrea King initially studied yoga with Angeli yoga teacher training for her 200 hour certificate and in 2018 went to San Francisco for 6 weeks to study with international teacher, Jason Crandell to complete her 500hour advanced training. She studied mindfulness and the mindfulness based stress reduction program. She invites fun, creativity and focus to her yoga flows. She will breakdown a pose down to its basics and her flows are planned to build you up and educate you on your body and the practice of yoga. She loves to teach and invites a positive and joyful approach to yoga, usually with a killer playlist. Oh and yes, it was probably a joke so its okay to laugh in class.


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Ruth Lewis is a personal trainer and Goodbodyfeel Teacher Training Alumni. She has created a wide variety of movement classes over the years, including a hybrid strength training and pilates class "Be Dynamic", and "Leg Day with Ruth"(which was...a leg day....with Ruth ;). Outside of her work in movement/fitness Ruth wears multiple other hats. She is a Real Estate Agent and a Research Assistant at McMaster University. She loves a good dance party.


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Nisha, also known as the Borderline Fit Vixen, is a 200YT CPT, ISSA certified Personal Trainer, Fascial Stretch Therapist, and Downward Dog Yoga 200hr Certified Yoga Instructor.

A new bio for Nisha is on the way! She rocks!


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Dee is the creator behind Pilates Strong Moms, The Postnatal Guide: The Early Days, and Core Reconnect. She is also a Pre + Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Personal Trainer, Pilates instructor, Fascial Stretch therapist, teacher trainer, and Mom of two incredibly active and hilarious boys.

She loves empowering Moms, + Moms to be, through movement and hate the societal ideal that we should bounce back. Nothing behind you is ever as good as what is in front of you right now!


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At the Move Room we operate under an anti-oppressive lens. We will not knowingly host facilitators who do not encompass our values, and the values we think will help support our community. We do not tolerate racism, discrimination, homo/trans-phobia or fat-phobia. At the same time we acknowledge folks are learning, and we give grace and compassion to our humans as we all make mistakes. Conversation Culture > Cancel Culture.

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The Move Room is a welcome disruption to mainstream fitness. There’s no pressure to be anything but yourself, and the space’s invitation is to move in ways that suit your body. With attention to what it means to be part of a community that revels in the care work of nurturing bodymind difference, Jo and others at The Move Room are reimagining fitness and movement culture as an accessible, welcoming, and radical movement of bodies in community. -C.J.



Join Dee for an interactive cesarean recovery workshop. You will be learning scar tissue desensitization, mobilization techniques, and a movement series specific for supporting cesarean scar mobility and core rehab. You will also receive your own scar desensitization kit and a workbook of the techniques & exercises you will be learning. This workshop is perfect for anyone that has had a cesarean birth, from 6 weeks to 16 years postpartum.

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Saturday April 13th 2:30-4:30pm

Hosted by : Dee Osborne

SPRING reresh, relax, restore

Sunday April 7th 

Hosted by : JENN STANLEY

Join Jenn Stanley for 90 minutes of gentle, supported yoga. 

Restorative poses are held for 12-15 minutes each and include several props (bolster, blocks, blanket) to allow you to release into each pose. You will have time and space to breathe and melt into your mat. 

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Select Saturdays : Next date, Saturday April 13th, 1-2pm

Hosted by : Skye Rogers

A monthly offering for movement curious adults; combining dance and yoga into an embodied movement practice rooted in curiosity and connection.

Inspired by her foundations in dance, and love of yoga, Skye designs every class with the intention of getting your blood flowing, engaging your creativity, and incorporating gentle stretch & strength work.
Enter with curiosity, and expect to leave with your mind, body & soul feeling awakened and refreshed!

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Select Saturdays at 9am


Welcome to The Michelle Method Sweat Series Pop-Up

A fun and challenging  workout that improves strength, agility, and flexibility. Using minimal equipment, Bodyweight, low weight + high repetitions, this full body workout is combined with High-intensity intervals, HIIT, with low impact options for every movement!  

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As the days begin to lengthen, consider nurturing your mind and body with restorative yoga and a sound bath. Join Tash Francesca for a 90-minute session at The Move Room. All you need to bring is yourself; we'll handle everything else. Expect a calming prānāyām (breathwork) practice followed by a restorative yoga and sound bath that will guide you into a state of deep rest, nourishing you from within.

This workshop is suitable for all experience levels, and is perfect for those who snore, those seeking a moment of solitude, or those who are curious about new self-care practices. In short, this special workshop is for you.

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Saturday May 25th 4-6pm

Hosted by : Tash Francesca

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Every Body CRew :an inclusive "move crew" at gage park

Mondays at 6pm at Gage Park
FREE - meet in front of the Greenhouse

Every Body Crew (EBC) is a size-inclusive, anti-diet, anti-oppressive, and anti-racist move crew. We encourage people to show up and move in a way that’s best for them because no one knows your body better than you do! Your distance and your effort is always your choice.

Currently we have folks who walk, run, do a mix of both, or use an assistive device to move.

If you’re looking to move in community, gently try running, get back into running without a set pace, worried about being left behind, or simply wanting to move for joy, then we’re the crew for you!

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